Release notes for Stiletto theme versions.

Stiletto was initially released July 2022. All theme versions are built for Shopify's latest theme architecture ↗ called "Online Store 2.0" (OS2).

Version 3.2.0 — Latest Release

April 8, 2024

Stiletto v3.2.0 adds the options to choose SEO heading tags, the option make the "Multi-column" section a slider on mobile, a "Video with text" section, and more. It also fixes minor bugs.


  • Added the option to make the announcement bar sticky.

  • Added new "Header" layout option of "Logo left, menu center". Nolt

  • Added the option to choose heading tags (H2-H6) for section and block headings. Nolt

  • Added the option to have "Quick add" functionality for product cards. (Guide) Nolt

  • Added the option to show collection and product images in the first and second level of the mobile menu. (Guide)

  • Added "Video with text" section. (Guide) Nolt

  • Added the option to show social icons in the mobile menu.

  • Added the option to show featured product media, instead of current variant media, on first load for the "Thumbnails" gallery style and "Carousel" mobile gallery style. Nolt

  • Added the option to make the "Multi-column" section a slider on mobile. Nolt

  • Added the option to set the image aspect ratio to 'circle' in the "Multi-column" image blocks.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed search results filters not showing when there are more than 5000 results (respects Shopify's limits now).

  • Fixed top bar filters showing, if filters are set to display as a sidebar, when opening the filter drawer on screens between 720px and 960px.

  • Fixed Filter states not updating correctly when Search & Discovery app setting for "Empty values" is anything but "Show in default order". Fixed mobile product media gallery getting stuck on video slides.

  • Fixed the product page's complementary products block conflicting with product card hover swatches.

  • Fixed sibling product swatches on the product page not respecting the associated "Swatch source" setting.

  • Fixed the "Stock level indicator" block not working correctly when the product media gallery style is "Grid" or "List" on desktop.

  • Fixed variant selection on the product page not scrolling to the associated image when the gallery style is "Grid" or "List" and media is set to never be hidden.

  • Fixed the hover reveal for product cards being cut off when both swatches and chips are enabled.

  • Fixed "Add to cart" in quick view not directing to the cart page when quick cart and purchase confirmation popup are absent.

  • Fixed accelerated checkout buttons on the cart page disappearing when quantities are updated.

  • Fixed 3D models not showing on mobile when gallery style is anything but "Carousel". Fixed the "View in your space" button for 3D models having the same text and background color.

Version 3.1.0

March 11, 2024

Stiletto v3.1.0 adds a new "Scrolling content" section, the option to use variant images as swatches, as well as some more general improvements to swatches, and some more control over mobile-specific functionality. It also updates cart-related functionality to accommodate compare-at prices, and fixes some minor bugs.


  • A "Scrolling content" section. (See guide) (Nolt)

  • The option to use variant images for product swatches. (See guide) (Nolt)

  • The option to choose swatch image fit.

  • The option to choose swatch size for product cards. (Nolt)

  • The option to include chips with product cards. (See guide)

  • The option to choose between a cart or bag icon for the header cart link. (Nolt)

  • The option to choose a mobile-specific image for the "Newsletter" and "Newsletter compact" sections.

  • The option to make the mobile PDP media carousel full-width, which removes the "peek" of next/previous slides. (Nolt)

  • The option to hide mobile PDP media carousel page dots. (See guide) (Nolt)


  • Updated "Recently viewed products" section so that it can be inserted in most places (instead of only the Product page). (See guide)

  • Updated the cart, quick cart, and purchase confirmation popup to accommodate compare-at price. (Nolt)


  • Unused article item logic and styles for "featured" posts.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed variant selection not scrolling to associated image when the "Hide gallery media after" setting is set to hide media.

  • Fixed the translations for "Account > Welcome" being in the wrong language files.

  • Fixed "Collapsible row list" blocks still rendering if there's no content to expand. (Nolt)

  • Fixed navigation drop-downs closing too easily.

  • Fixed the "Complementary products" block overlapping the sticky add-to-cart bar and share block on mobile when in the left column.

  • Fixed the filter sidebar resizing when filter groups are toggled.

  • Fixed filter chips not respecting layout settings when in the filter bar.

  • Fixed active filter count creating inconsistent group toggle button heights when in the filter bar.

  • Fixed sibling swatches not sizing the image correctly.

  • Fixed the sibling swatch "+X more" message repeating in product cards.

  • Fixed very long words causing overflow and cut-off content in the product quick view.

  • Improved accessibility for product swatches.

  • Reduced the font size of unit price displays.

Version 3.0.1

February 13, 2024

Stiletto v3.0.1 fixes a bug where the mobile filter drawer filters don't apply.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed mobile filter drawer filters not applying.

Version 3.0.0

February 2, 2024

Stiletto v3.0.0 updates the "Video hero" section to use the video setting and have an option for a mobile-specific video, and adds support for sibling swatches in product cards, quick views, and "Featured product" sections, as well some other new options. It also fixes some minor bugs.


  • The option to choose a mobile-specific video for the "Video hero" section. (Nolt)

  • Support for sibling swatches in product cards, quick views, and the "Featured product" section. Nolt

  • Support for Shopify's visual filters.

  • Options to choose searchable fields for "Quick search". (Nolt)

  • The option to hide sold out prices, or display "Sold out" instead. (Nolt)

  • A footer block to enter custom Liquid/HTML.


  • Important: Updated the "Video hero" section to use the video setting.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Updated the styling of the newsletter subscription confirmation page.

  • Clarified the theme editor info text for the "Free shipping bar" setup.

  • Removed duplicate H1 tags.

  • Prevent video embeds in RTE content from being cut off.

  • Updated images in RTE content to respect sizes selected in the admin.

  • Fixed JavaScript errors triggered by product card quick view.

  • Fixed the back-to-top button overlaying the sticky add-to-cart bar on the product template.

  • Fixed swatch filters not showing when swatch option contains multiple words or special characters.

  • Fixed product item swatches not respecting the "Round" option of the "Swatch shape" setting.

  • Fixed enabling the "Back to top" button preventing some sidebar filters from working properly.

  • Fixed product image zoom showing double sometimes.

  • Fixed product media's video player fullscreen button not working if media can be hidden by 'More media'.

  • Fixed an error in "Featured product" section's structured data.

  • Fixed the mobile menu not working in Firefox when sticky header is active.

  • Fixed custom JavaScript events related to "Quick cart" not firing.

  • Fixed minor accessibility concerns regarding opacities in some places.

  • Fixed some accessibility issues with quantity inputs.

  • Fixed incorrect translation being used for blog post comment status when comments are moderated.

  • Fixed cart upsell location changing from "Below subtotal" on cart page when cart is edited.

  • Fixed the "More media" button becoming unresponsive when changing variants if the media grouping feature is enabled and the "Complementary products" block is added to the "Product overview" section.

  • Fixed the wrong image showing on variant selection for the mobile product page carouse when the media grouping feature is enabled.

Version 2.4.0

December 11, 2023

Stiletto v2.4.0 adds a "Recently viewed" section and some new settings, gates custom.css behind a Liquid variable, and fixes some bugs.


  • Important: Updated custom.css to render based on a Liquid variable. Merchants currently using the custom.css file will need to configure the variable 'useCustomCSS' in theme-globals.liquid. This has been done so that the file doesn't load for merchants that aren't using it.

  • A "Recently viewed" section. Nolt

  • A 25% width option to "Grid" section blocks. Nolt

  • The Whatsapp social icon. Nolt

  • An option to make the mobile product media carousel loop. Nolt

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved performance (image loading) with the section index property.

  • Updated country selector logic to be based on countries rather than currency.

  • Updated some missing translations.

  • Fixed sections overlapping share block dropdown on product page on mobile.

  • Fixed product cards incorrectly showing a compare-at-price when the compare-at-price varies. Now shows as a "From" price to increase accuracy.

  • Fixed product pages showing $0 compare prices.

  • Fixed mobile product media carousel pagination sometimes breaking.

  • Prevent chip filters from extending beyond the filter sidebar.

  • Ensure long filter labels in the filter sidebar are truncated correctly.

  • Fixed the filter sidebar sometimes having an inconsistent width.

  • Fixed variant selector not working in quick view on mobile.

  • Fixed meganav promo image not displaying full-height when section animations are disabled.

  • Fixed shoppable image mobile drawer appearing underneath page content when scrolled.

  • Prevent sticky header overlapping mobile filter drawer.

  • Fixed filtered variant image not showing when "Show second image on hover" is enabled. This applies to both collection and search.

  • Fixed clicking active filter buttons clearing all filters when the filter location is "Sidebar".

Version 2.3.1

November 16, 2023

Stiletto v2.3.1 increases the maximum number of articles allowed in the "Blog posts" section and fixes some bugs.


  • Increased the maximum number of articles allowed in the "Blog posts" section. Nolt

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed mobile product image not reflecting selected variant on load.

  • Fixed swatches and chips not showing in filter sidebar.

  • Fixed collection product grid having extra space on larger screens.

Version 2.3.0

November 13, 2023

Stiletto v2.3.0 adds lots of new features such as a sticky "Add to cart" bar, the ability to group multiple product images by variant, and a sidebar filter display. It also includes various bug fixes and updates the Twitter icon and share URL.


  • Sticky "Add to cart" bar. Nolt

  • The ability to group multiple images at the variant-level. Nolt

  • The option to display filters in a sidebar. Nolt

  • The ability to show 1 column on mobile for the search and collection product grid. Nolt

  • A setting to hide $0 prices in product listings. Nolt + Nolt

  • A setting to hide $0 prices in the product page "Product header" block.


  • Updated default slideshow block heading.

  • Updated Twitter icon to X.

  • Updated Twitter share URL.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed video not properly displaying placeholder image on IOS devices.

  • Fixed animations within the visual preview in the theme editor not working.

  • Fixed horizontal scroll bar showing on full-width mega menu for Windows OS.

  • Fixed product item sale price not showing in sale color when price varies.

  • Fixed popup image overlay covering entire popup.

  • Fixed Liquid error showing when Feaured product section doesn't include Buy buttons block.

  • Fixed cart quantity selector breaking when quantity exceeds available inventory.

  • Fixed Script Editor line item script discount causing inventory error to show in cart.

  • Fixed height discrepancy between Slideshow slides with custom height.

  • Fixed Slideshow link clicking causing slide change.

  • Fixed product listing swatches not showing custom swatch name.

  • Fixed navigation drop-down child items displaying off-screen.

  • Fixed article displaying incorrect meta image when using an alternate blog template.

  • Capitalized Custom Liquid block title on product template.

Version 2.2.2

July 19, 2023

Stiletto v2.2.2 fixes an issue with the gift card recipient form

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed gift card form assigning incorrect send on date value

Version 2.2.1

July 14, 2023

Stiletto v2.2.1 removes animations from section seen in the new visual previewer

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed sections not being visible due to an animation layer in the visual previewer

Version 2.2.0

July 5, 2023

Stiletto v2.2.0 brings support for Shopify's latest features, Gift card recipients and Follow on Shop, as well as fixing bugs throughout the theme.


  • Added Shopify’s new gift card functionality to send cards directly to recipients

  • Added Follow on Shop button to footer blocks 'Text and image' and 'Newsletter'

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed Collection grid item arrow being cut off with long titles

  • Fixed Mega menu promo image height setting not working

  • Fixed Popup image not filling the given space

  • Fixed Collection list slider section showing large images while loading

  • Fixed product media 'Hide gallery media after' functionality not working for specific use-cases

  • Fixed review rating average being formatted incorrectly

  • Fixed header and logo padding issues on desktop

  • Fixed product filters breaking when filter name or value contains quotes or apostrophes

  • Fixed the form status success message alignment in the contact form to align with the text setting

  • Fixed the mobile drawer localization options being pushed out-of-view

  • Fixed persistent currency code showing in the quick cart when theme setting disabled

  • Fixed the blog page structure breaking when truncated content contains html code

  • Fixed Collapsible row missing a title for the 'Text list with icon' block within the Featured product section

  • Fixed Video hero's pause/play button layering underneath transparent headers when used as first section

  • Fixed Collection page chip filters clipping when using layout 'Grid 3 columns'

Version 2.1.1

May 10, 2023

Stiletto v2.1.1 hotfixes an issue with the Video section not working with some sources.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed Video section not showing Youtube or Vimeo videos

  • Fixed Video section cover image not placing correctly

Version 2.1.0

May 5, 2023

Stiletto v2.1.0 brings the ability to use translatable custom badges, a much requested feature for international stores. Additionally there are several small fixes and QoL improvements throughout the theme.


  • Added translatable custom badges using metaobject sources Nolt


  • Changed purchase confirmation to show on mobile

  • Updated social meta tags to use selected variant

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed some templates having duplicated meta descriptions

  • Fixed mega menus flickering when hovering from the header to the menu

  • Fixed missing animation for video media on the Complete the look section

  • Fixed Pinterest social share using an invalid image URL

  • Fixed span code showing in predictive search vendor

  • Fixed quick view always showing in Complete the look and Shoppable image sections

  • Fixed Featured product description block not showing title

  • Optimized code for media aspect ratio

Version 2.0.1

April 4, 2023

Stiletto 2.0.1 hot fixes an issue where meganav menu's were not opening correctly when parent links were hovered.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix megana's' not opening if hovering over parent menu link

Version 2.0.0

March 31, 2023

Stiletto 2.0.0 brings support for the latest features from Shopify: Section groups & Predictive search query suggestions. As well as a myriad of requested features and improvements.


  • Add Section groups for the Header, Footer, and Overlays

  • Add query suggestion to the Quick search Add Collection items to the Quick search results

  • Add setting to toggle product listing borders on hover Nolt

  • Add Secure payments block to the product template

  • Add product review ratings to product cards Nolt

  • Add product badge placement settings for product cards Nolt

  • Add fallback sibling metafield "sibling_collection"


  • Remove "Show article results" and "Show page results" and "Search" heading from theme settings in favor of the Search & Discovery app settings

  • Remove "Results per category", "Show articles," and "Show pages" settings from Quick search in favor of the Search & Discovery app settings

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix rounding issue in percent sale numbers rounding prematurely down

  • Fix limited Custom Liquid blocks on the product template

  • Fix casing on Custom Liquid block on product template

  • Make top level dropdown menu items clickable Nolt

  • Update countdown bar, countdown banner, and events sections date defaults from 2022 -> 2023

  • Split css styles into individual files where possible to improve theme performance

Version 1.8.0

February 7, 2023

Stiletto 1.8.0 adds some fine-tuning settings and fixes a number of visual and functional bugs.


  • Add option to use "in stock" status for untracked quantities

  • Add option to vertically offset sales banner terms and conditions

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix quick cart cross-sell images disappearing when aspect ratio is not 'Natural'

  • Fix shoppable editorial mobile drawer not opening when only one hotspot

  • Fix absent buy buttons breaking variant selector

  • Fix quick cart not being scrollable when adding first product on mobile

  • Fix breadcrumbs positioning too high on collection page with transparent header

  • Fix filters on vendor and product type collection pages

  • Convert swatch overflow text to translation string

Version 1.7.1

January 5, 2023

Stiletto 1.7.1 adds a small fix to the collection banner spacing when transparent header is enabled

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix collection banner image spacing when transparent header is enabled

Version 1.7.0

December 22, 2022

Stiletto 1.7.0 brings some long requested features such as sibling products and transparent header everywhere, as well as fixing a range of bugs.


  • Add the ability to show sibling products as variant swatches

  • Add swatch color whitelist

  • Add support for backordering to stock level indicator

  • Add tag setting to sign-up popups

  • Add support for app-triggered cart updates

  • Add support for image-based focal points

  • Add the ability to enable transparent header on any page


  • Carts have been updated to hide line item properties that begin with an underscore

  • Change wording for currency code settings

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix product images refreshing page on click when image zoom disabled

  • Fix product media videos not displaying in full width on iOS

  • Fix product media dynamic bullets not sizing correctly

  • Fix cross sells missing currency code and sale styling for some price situations

  • Fix Blog template title using incorrect data source

  • Fix mobile blog template categories not being filtered by "Article categories" setting

  • Fix rating color setting not applying to rating stars

  • Fix share product block overlaying other content depending on ordering

  • Fix 'No products found' quick-search message wrapping early

  • Fix header submenus overflowing off screen

  • Fix mobile header flicker when interacting with menu

  • Improve compatibility with some overlay apps

Version 1.6.0

November 10, 2022

Stiletto 1.6.0 is packed with conversion boosting features including a new Video section, Cart cross-sell options, Complementary products using the Search & Discovery app, and new Countdown popups!


  • Added Video section

  • Added Cross-sells feature to quick cart and cart template

  • Added Item stock level notification to quick cart and cart template

  • Added ability for Complimentary product to source products from Search & Discovery app

  • Added Popup section blocks - Countdowns

  • Added option to choose timezone for countdown timers

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed using unminifiedThemeJS causing javascript errors and halts

  • Improved slideshow and video behaviours when no-anim

  • Enabled adaptive height on mobile product media slider

  • Enabled dynamic bullets on product image slider

Version 1.5.0

October 28, 2022

Stiletto 1.5.0 comes with a number of new features, including four new sections: Promotion banner, Image compare, Gallery carousel, and Product tabs (PDP only). We’ve also expanded and refined settings throughout the theme.


  • Added new Promotion banner section

  • Added new Image compare section

  • Added new Gallery carousel section

  • Added new Product tabs section

  • Added new product template showcasing the Product tabs section

  • Added currency check to ensure Free Shipping Bar works with all currencies

  • Added subheading setting to collapsible row section

  • Added subheading setting to collapsible row section

  • Added color settings to the Events section

  • Added new layout settings to Sales banner section

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed JS breaking when Product header block is absent

  • Fixed missing sale text color for products in Complete the look section

  • Fixed issue with external links meant to open in new tabs not opening in new tabs from the mobile menu

  • Fixed Grid section block heading size not working for larger block widths

  • Fixed presets not always changing color settings

  • Implement standardized checkbox styling throughout theme

  • Adjust mobile cart page item title spacing

Version 1.4.1

October 7, 2022

Stiletto 1.4.1 increases the size of quantity input fields to allow for more digits to be displayed.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix quantity input to display more digits

Version 1.4.0

October 7, 2022

Stiletto 1.4.0 adds new features including two newsletter sections, an events section, a back to top button, custom image icons, custom product options, and more! This new version also includes many improvements and fixes to make Stiletto even better.


  • Add dynamic product options helping merchants see which products are available at a glance

  • Add breadcrumb navigation to collections and products

  • Add image block to main product section

  • Add Newsletter section

  • Add Newsletter compact section

  • Add back to top button

  • Add custom image icon settings to Product/featured product labels block, Product/featured product text list with icons block, Product/featured product info popup block, Product/featured product variant info popup, and Collapsible row list block

  • Add Custom option block to product template and featured product section

  • Add events section with Eventbrite integration


  • Extend desktop column option to '2' for Featured collection grid

  • Added help text and documentation links to recommended products section

  • Title in product description block and product callouts block can be added without requiring the collapsible row setting

Fixes and improvements

  • Popup close button disabled while in theme editor to avoid confusion

  • Fix add to cart button label to be "Preorder" when changing variants on preorder products

  • Fix missing bottom padding to customer account pages

  • Fix quick view button in featured products block not working when block is in left column

Version 1.3.3

September 27, 2022

Stiletto 1.3.3 adds a small fix to update the way cart quantities are changed.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix method of updating cart item quantities.

Version 1.3.2

September 21, 2022

Stiletto 1.3.2 adds a small fix to the collection list and cart templates.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix page width on colelction list and cart templates

Version 1.3.1

September 12, 2022

Stiletto 1.3.1 adds a small fix to the Grid section layout and spacing settings.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix Grid spacing settings not working

Version 1.3.0

September 12, 2022

Stiletto 1.3.0 introduces a large collection of templates (most notably preorder, lookbook, stockists, FAQ and some really great sale-related ones) and a small number of quality of life updates and fixes. We're particularly excited about the new "feature products" Section where you can now show related products via metafields.


  • Add new theme translations: German, French, Italian

  • Add new page templates: Brand story, Lookbook-1/2, FAQ, Stockists

  • Add new collection templates: Sale, Flash sale, Landing, Sub collections

  • Add new product templates: Landing, Gift card, Pre-order

  • Add featured products block to product template. Can be used to show related products via metafields.

  • Add custom liquid product block to product template

  • Add mobile text position settings to Hero type sections

  • Add further text and font settings to Grid section

  • Add further text block settings to Rich text section

Fixes and improvements

  • Decoupled subheading font settings from main headings

  • Hide Compare at price if it's the same as the price on product page

  • Fix discount text showing "up to" even when the discount across all variants is the same

  • Fix Testimonial section no longer requires a product to display custom image

  • Fix Sales banner section layout on large screens

  • Fix page template spacing at bottom of page

  • Fix collection template spacing at bottom of page

  • Fix mobile quick search not positioning correctly on certain devices

  • Fix Quote logos being off center on mobile

  • Fix Slideshow section with a single slide not animating and appearing blank

  • Fix a myriad of minor spacing issues throughout the theme

Version 1.2.0

August 26, 2022

Stiletto v1.2.0 adds a brand new popup section with multiple popup types, a new preset called Craft, and a list of small fixes.


  • Adds new Craft preset

  • Adds new popup section with multiple different popup types

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix collection list pagination not centered

  • Fix collection and search pagination result count updating on click to load and infinite load

  • Fix transparent header not always showing on collection pages

  • Fix video hero not being playable when low power mode enabled on iOS

  • Fix header secondary menu pipe divider showing when not needed

  • Fix vertical positioning of collapsible row icon

  • Fix IWT text padding doubling on some alignments

  • Fix unintended horizontal scroll on header nav

Version 1.1.1

August 18, 2022

Stiletto v1.1.1 adds EU translation locales and fixes a checkout related bug.


  • Add EU translation locales

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix quick cart checkout button being hidden by browser UI on some mobile browsers

Version 1.1.0

August 17, 2022

Stiletto v1.1.0 adds further customizability to some templates, and fixes some small bugs.


  • Password page has been upgraded for better customizability

  • Contact form now offers Submit and Paragraph blocks, and up to 10 options for select and radio blocks

  • Adds new Organic preset

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix logo missing padding on mobile when logo is large

  • Improved "Hide gallery media after" option's animation

Version 1.0.3

August 10, 2022

Stiletto v1.0.3 fixes a bug with product ratings

Fixes and improvements

  • Product rating stars now reflect the rating, instead of the number of reviews

Version 1.0.2

August 5, 2022

Stiletto v1.0.2 brings more small layout and functionality fixes, and a contact form customizer.


  • Contact form can now be customized using blocks.

  • Product gallery has a setting to hide media after a row limit is reached.

  • Adds custom.css for any custom styles a merchant may want to add.

  • Adds new interaction and reveal animations to featured collection slider and shoppable sections.


  • Update the number of collection/search results that can be filtered from 1000 to 5000, based on Shopify's recent change.

  • Update CSS build step to use theme.css instead of theme.min.css.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix collection list page showing duplicate collections.

  • Add support for boolean metafield filters.

  • Long dropdowns in header navigation can now be scrolled to access any cut off links.

  • Product left column mobile padding.

  • Long titles hitting dividers on Complete the look section.

  • Button hover styles on narrow buttons.

  • Button group spacing on mobile.

  • Testimonial section layout for short quotes.

  • Product quick view title styles on mobile.

  • Quick search product title styles.

Version 1.0.1

July 29, 2022

Stiletto v1.0.1 adds a list of layout and usability updates, along with some small bug fixes.


  • Add check for "sale" format for listing discounts


  • Change order of presets.

  • Update product spacer block to have left/right column option

  • Update complete the look product image aspect ratio to respect global setting


  • Remove animation forcing opacity in drawer footer

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix for header nav stutter on load.

  • Fix filter drop down and mobile filters being shown when no filters available

  • Fix slideshow 1px gap

  • Fix grid items not going full width under 960

  • Fix hidden mobile filters on search template

  • Fix share popup clipping on mobile

  • Fix quickshops product title running into close button

  • Fix review app "no reviews yet" text layout

  • Fix missing link styles on block subheadings across sections

  • Fix shoppable image tooltip layout

  • Fix media width so natural images have size and trigger lazy loading

  • Fix header logo position when no secondary nav above it

  • Fix unwanted slideshow crossfade on load animation

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