Theme sections

Theme sections are an easy way to design your store's pages without using any code. Sections are the basic components of your pages. You can add, edit, and rearrange sections to create different layouts with the content and features you want.

Stiletto includes 30+ sections that include different content blocks, layouts, and features. Find a list of static sections and dynamic sections below.

Note: If you're looking for a general introduction to using and editing sections, see our theme editor guide instead.

Static sections

Static sections appear on every page in the same position and their settings are applied site-wide.

Dynamic sections

Dynamic sections have their own settings for every template that you can add or remove, reuse, and rearrange.

Sections are categorized according to how they are typically used: Marketing, Merchandising, or Promotions. However, Stiletto's sections are highly flexible and can be used for different purposes.

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