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Update This section was updated in v3.0.0 to use Shopify video, which lets you directly upload your video and an alternate mobile video. See our Changelog and theme update guide to learn more.

The Video hero section displays a full-width autoplaying background video (without sound) to add some dynamism to your page.

If you want to add a Vimeo or YouTube video (with sound), you can use the Video section.

Set up section

Add this section to any template (except Checkout) and use the drag-and-drop handles to re-order its position. You can add this section multiple times with different content and settings.

Editing a template changes all pages that use that template. To edit specific pages, you can create new templates or insert dynamic content with metafields

Note | The autoplay video does not play audio. To embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo with audio, see the Video section.

File Format.mp4 video (required)

File size

Maximum 10MB (recommended)


5 - 10 seconds (recommended)


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Select a Template to edit from the dropdown menu in the top bar.

    Learn how to use templates in our Templates guide.

  2. Under Template, click (+) Add section and select Video.

  3. Click and hold the drag-and-drop handles ⋮⋮ to re-order your sections.

Add background video

Display an autoplay video (without audio) in the section background. The background video requires .mp4 video file. For the best experience, we strongly recommend using a 5 to 10 second video under 10MB.

For theme versions 3.0.0 and later, you can upload a .mp4 video directly in the section settings. For earlier versions, you must upload your video to Content > Files in your Shopify admin, then copy the file link into the section settings.

STEPS (v3.0.0 or later)

In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Video hero section.

  2. Under Shopify video, click Select video.

    Select a .mp4 video, or click Add videos to upload a .mp4 video file.

  3. (Optional) Under Mobile Shopify video, click Select video for a background video that appears only on mobile devices.

    You may want to upload a video file that has been cropped to a different shape (aspect ratio) to better fit a vertical screen.

  4. Under Media height, choose to display the video with a Custom or the Original height (without cropping).

  5. If Custom height is selected: adjust the Height and Mobile Height of your video between 50% to 100% of the maximum height.

    The Height is the percentage of the window height on your customer's device. When Custom height is set to 50%, the video will always display at half the height of the customer's screen.

  6. Use Media focal points to specify the main focus of your images. The focal point of your image will remain centered and within frame when your site adapts to different screen sizes.

  7. Click Save.

STEPS (v2.4.0 or earlier)

In your Shopify admin:

  1. Go to Content > Files to open your Shopify files ↗.

  2. Click the Upload files button to add your .mp4 file from your computer.

  3. Once your file has been processed, click the Link icon next to the file to copy the URL.

    You may need to refresh the page for your file to appear.

In the theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Video hero section to open the settings.

  2. Paste the link into the Video link field. Click on the the link that appears in the results above.

  3. Click Save.

Add section headings

Add a section title and promotional text to overlay your Video hero. The section headings are included as blocks nested within the section.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Heading block to change section title.

    we recommend a short title of just a few words.

  2. Click the Subheading block to add a few words or short sentence below the heading.

  3. Click the Text block for longer content in a more compact size.

  4. Click (+) Add block to add an Accent block, ideal for a one word label or category.

  5. Click Save.

Add buttons

Add multiple Button blocks to link to your collections or products or any other page with a custom label.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click a Button block to open the settings.

    Click (+) Add block and select Button to add more.

    Click Remove block or the eye icon to remove or hide blocks.

  2. Select or paste a URL for the Button link.

  3. Enter text for the Button label.

    The most effective button labels ask customers to do something (e.g. Get started, Join us, Shop now). To learn more, read "What is a Call to Action?"

  4. (Optional.) Use the drag and drop handles ⋮⋮ to change the position of the Button:

  5. Select a Button style: either Solid, Outline, or Text.

    Click on the Image hero section to find the color options for buttons.

  6. Click Save.

Section style

Fine-tune the colors, text position, and padding of the section. You can also add design blocks like the Spacer and Border to refine the look. Click (+) Add block and use the drag handles to move the blocks where you need them.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Click the Video hero section to open the settings.

  2. Choose to Enable animation to show visual effects when scrolling, hovering, or interacting with the section.

    Learn more about Section animations.

  3. Select a Padding option to change the spacing between sections. Choose between Top and bottom, Top only, Bottom only, or set it to None.

    Note: If the section is place at the top of the page, make sure not to have padding on the top.

  4. Click Save.

Settings reference

Click the following blocks to find their settings. Click (+) Add block to add new blocks, and use the drag-and-drop handles ⋮⋮ to change their order.

Available blocks



Add text to display a small heading above the main heading.


Add text to display as a heading.


Add text to display below the heading


Add multiple lines of rich text.


Add a small image with a minimum width of 50px. Select Custom width and use the sliders to set the maximum size in pixels for both desktop and mobile screens.


Add a button with a custom link and label. Change the button style to Solid, Outline, or Text.

Video player

Add an additional video from your Shopify files, YouTube, or Vimeo. Add a Video preview image with a custom Image aspect ratio. Change the Button text and Button icon style.


Add a horizontal line between blocks.


Add a margin of space between blocks.

Click the Video hero section to find the following settings.

Color and overlay



Select the color of all section text and headings.


Select the color of the button background.

Solid button text

If the Solid button style is selected in the button block settings, select the color for the button text.


Select a color to overlay the image. This option helps provide contrast with text and headings to keep them clear and readable.

Overlay text

Change the color of headings and text when an overlay color is applied.

Overlay gradient

Add a color overlay that fades across a range of hues. You can choose the style, angle, position, and opacity of the gradient. See Shopify's color gradient guide ↗ to learn more.

Overlay opacity

Use the slider to adjust the transparency of the overlay color. Set the opacity to 0% to turn off the overlay color. If set to 100%, the overlay will be opaque.

Section style


Enable animation

Choose whether to display visual effects when scrolling, hovering, or interacting with the section. See the Animation guide to learn more.


Add a margin of space around the section to either the Top and bottom, Top only, Bottom only, or set it to None.


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