Support policy

We're happy to provide bug fixes and answers to questions arising from general use of the theme. We cannot provide support for integrations with third party apps or any problems that might arise from using third party apps.

What we cover

What we don’t cover


Theme Updates

You can update your theme version through the Theme Store as long as you or an installed app haven't made any code changes to your theme. If you’ve made changes to your theme through code changes or apps, please see our Help Centre for instructions on how to update your theme version manually.

Bug Fixes

We are committed to fixing theme bugs as quickly as possible. Our team will provide you with a fix where possible, and a proper solution will be provided in order of priority and according to our development schedule. Please refer to the Changelog for your specific theme (available in our Help Centre) to see when an update is available.


Due to both the complexity and sheer volume of third-party apps available, we cannot guarantee compatibility of all apps with our themes. The app developer should be your first point of contact if you’re experiencing issues with functionality, as they will be most familiar with how the code that controls the app works.

We also advise using caution when installing apps into your store. Many apps will inject code into your theme that may remain even if you’ve deleted the app from your store, which could cause future compatibility issues. If you’re experiencing issues with app code in your theme, you’ll need to speak with a developer who can fix this for you.

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