Text list with icons

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In the Product template, you can add a Text list with icons for additional information with one of 30+ icons.

Set up text list with icons

Follow the steps to add a list of text and icons, and customize the appearance with boxes around the text or dividers between them.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Under Product overview, click (+) Add block and select Text list with icons.

  2. Click the new Text list with icons block to open the settings.

  3. Choose whether to Add box to display an outline around the text list.

  4. Choose whether to Add dividers to separate each text list item.

  5. For each List item, select an Icon and enter Text.

    We recommend a short sentence or two.

  6. (Optional.) Click and hold the drag handles ⋮⋮ to rearrange the blocks:

    Click Remove block in the block settings to delete a block.

    Click the Eye icon to hide or unhide a block.

  7. Click Save.

Settings reference

Click on the Text list with icons block to find the following settings.



Add text to show a heading at the top of the block, above the text list.


Display the block in either the Right column (in the product form) or the Left column (beneath the product media).

Add box

Display the block within a block with a background color.

Add dividers

Show horizontal borders between each text list item.

Truncate text

Hide text after a selected number of lines and show a ‘more’ button that reveals the full description.

Icon framing

Choose to show a Circle or Slightly rounded border around the icons. Select None to show no border.

Icon framing style

Choose to display icons with a solid color background (Filled), or with a border and no background (Outlined).

Icon frame color

Choose to use the Accent color (from your theme settings) or the Current text color (from the section settings).

Icon width

Set the pixel width of icons for desktop screens: between 10 and 50 pixels.

Mobile icon width

Set the pixel width of icons for mobile screens: between 10 and 50 pixels.


Add up to 6 text list items.



Select one of 30+ icons to show at the top of the text column.

Custom icon image

Upload your own icon image to display next the heading. We recommend a .png image with a transparent background and minimum dimensions of 50px by 50px.


Add text to show a main heading above the text and below the logo.


Add text to tell customers more about your payment process and security.

Collapsible row


Display as collapsible row

Show an expandable title that reveals the text when clicked.

Expand by default

Display the collapsible row as open with the text already revealed.

Collapsible row title

Enter text for the row title.

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