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In the Product grid settings, you can customize the grid layout by changing the number of columns and changing the aspect ratio of your product images. You can also customize Filters and sorting options, and the pagination style.

To customize the product card style, you can change choose whether to show swatches, discount prices, vendors, product ratings, and product badges. These options are found in the Theme settings and apply to all product listings site-wide.

Settings reference

In the collection template, click Product grid to find the following settings.



Number of columns on desktop

Choose how many products to show per row on desktop screens: either 2, 3, 4, or 5 columns. Product image sizes will change according to the number of columns. On smaller browser sizes, the product grid may show fewer columns to adapt to the window width.

Number of rows on desktop

Choose how many rows of products to display on a single results page. Additional rows of products will appear on multiple pages.

Show total number of results

Choose to display the number of products in the collection or that appear with the current filter options.

Product list

The product list has two display modes: Grid displays products in multiple columns per row; List displays one product per row.


Enable display mode switcher

Allow visitors to change how products are displayed in the grid. Visitors can click the Grid or List icon next to the sorting options.

Default display

Choose the display mode used when the collection page first loads. Select either Grid or List.

Filtering and sorting

See the full Filtering and sorting guide to learn more.


Change how visitors navigate to additional products. Collection pages show a maximum of 25 products.



Select one of three pagination styles for viewing additional products. Infinite: Rows of products automatically load as customers scroll down the collection page. Click to load: Click a "Load more" button to reveal more products on the collection page. Paginated: Click to navigate between multiple pages of products in the collection.

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