Adapting theme content

With a few features offered by Shopify, you can take full control of the content on your store. Learn how to localize your theme content for multiple markets and languages, and display dynamic content for specific products and pages on your store.

Edit default theme content

The Default theme content editor lets you edit your general theme content in a single language. See our guide to Edit default theme content.

Add dynamic content (metafields)

You can display specialized content for specific products, pages, and other parts of your store by adding dynamic content with metafields.

Sell in multiple languages

You can translate your store and theme content so customers can shop in their preferred language. See our guide for Selling in multiple languages.

Show unique content for different markets

With Shopify's Contexts and Translate & Adapt app, you can create custom content for specific markets. Learn more in our guide to Create custom content for a market ↗.

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