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The Search page appears when visitors submit a search using the search bar. You can customize the layout and results styles, and enable sort and filter options.

Shopify | You can customize search results with Shopify's Search & Discovery app. Create custom filters, select result types, and add "synonym groups" to show relevant results. See Shopify's App guide ↗ to learn more.

Set up search page

The template includes preset sections and layout to get you started. In the theme editor, you can customize content, settings, and overall page design with theme sections.


In your theme editor (Customize):

  1. Use the Templates selector to open Other > Search.

  2. Under Template, click the Search section to open the settings.

    See the available Search page settings below.

  3. Click Save.

Settings reference

In the Search template, click the Search section to find the following settings.


Number of columns on desktop

Choose how many search results to show per row on desktop screens: either 3, 4, or 5 columns. On smaller browser sizes, the search results may use fewer columns to adapt to the window width.

Number of rows on desktop

Choose how many rows to show on a single page on desktop screens: either 2, 3, or 4 columns.

Show total number of results

Choose to display how many search results have been found.

Results list

Search results have two display modes: Grid displays results in multiple columns per row; List displays one result per row.


Enable display mode switcher

Allow visitors to change how products are displayed in the grid. Visitors can click the Grid or List icon next to the sorting options.

Default display

Choose the display mode used when the collection page first loads. Select either Grid or List.

Filtering and sorting


Enable sorting

Allow customers to sort products by name.

Enable filtering

Allow customers to filter by product options, product type, price, availability, and more.

If a filter group has a long list of possible filter values, then you can help customers more easily find what they're looking for by adding a filter search to the group. This allows customers to enter a search term to refine the filter values that are shown.


Filter search groups

Filter group names to enable filter search for. To enable on multiple filter groups, use a comma-separated list of filter names.

Filters layout


Collapse filter sidebar

Hide the filter sidebar when the search page loads. Visitors can click the Filter button to reveal the sidebar.

Collapse filter groups on desktop

Hide values of filter groups until visitors click to reveal them.

Truncate filter list

Choose to limit how many filter values to show in filter groups. Visitors can click to view more.

Truncate filter list amount

Select the number of filter values to show before hiding additional values.

Show swatch filters

If you have Variant swatches enabled, choose to display those variant options as swatches.

Show chip filters

Choose to display chips instead of variants names.

Chip layout

Choose to display chips in 2 column grid. Select Natural to display a layout that adapts to the natural length of the chips.




Select one of three pagination styles for viewing additional results. Infinite: Rows of results automatically load as customers scroll down the page. Click to load: Click a "Load more" button to reveal more results on the page. Paginated: Click to navigate between multiple pages of all results.

Section style


Top spacing

Increase or decrease the amount of space above the section.

Bottom spacing

Increase or decrease the amount of space below the section.

Enable animation

Choose whether to display visual effects when scrolling, hovering, or interacting with the section. See the Animation guide to learn more.

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