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Tip Check out similar features like Complementary products for the product page and Cross sells in the cart to show customers related products that they can purchase in addition to the selected product.

In the Product template, the Product recommendations sidebar displays similar products to allow customers to discover new products that are relevant to them.

Recommendations are automatically generated based on products in related collections, products that are commonly purchased together, or similar product descriptions. Recommendations improve over time with more customer and product information. You can customize product recommendations by downloading Shopify's Search & Discovery app.

Customize recommendations

With Shopify's Search & Discovery app, you can customize which products are recommended.

Download Shopify's Search & Discovery app and learn how to choose recommended products ↗ for your store’s product pages.

Note Using automated recommendations ensures that only in-stock and published products are displayed. If you manually select recommended products, make sure your product list is up-to-date.

Settings reference

Click the Product overview section to find the following settings.


Show on desktop

Display product recommendations in a column next to the product details.

Show on mobile

Display product recommendations in a row below the product details.

Number of products to show

Choose how many product recommendations to show: between 1 and 10.

Enable quick view

Allow visitors to open a popover to view product details and add the item to their cart.


Add text to show a main heading for the sidebar.

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