Customer support block

Product page block

Use the Customer support block on your product page to let customers know about your support policy and how they can contact you.

Settings reference

Click on the Customer support block to find the following settings.



Display the block in either the Right column (in the product form) or the Left column (beneath the product media).

Add box

Display the block within a block with a background color.

Text alignment

Display the headings and buttons as Left, Center, or Right aligned.




Add text to show a main heading for the block.


Add text to inform customers about your support policy and contact details.


Select or upload an optional image next to the text content.

Image size

Set the pixel width of images for desktop screens: between 20 and 120 pixels.

Mobile image size

Set the pixel width of images for mobile screens: between 20 and 100 pixels.

Apply circle crop to images

Choose to crop the image to appear as a circle.

Image position

Display the image Left of content or Right of content.




Enter call-to-action text for contacting your store or support. The most effective button labels ask customers to do something (e.g. Get started, Join us, Shop now).


Select or paste a URL to a contact page. You can add a “mailto” link that will open up a draft message in their default email client. For example:


Change the style of the button. Select Primary button (Solid), Secondary button (Solid), or Tertiary button (Outline).

Collapsible row


Display as collapsible row

Show an expandable title that reveals the text when clicked.

Expand by default

Display the collapsible row as open with the text already revealed.

Collapsible row title

Enter text for the row title.

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