Layout and style

Product listings

Go to Theme settings > Product listing to find the settings to customize the layout and style of product cards.

General appearance

Change the overall appearance, including the color, layout, and alignment of product cards.


Product list style

Change the style to Default, Bordered grid, or Colored tile.

Colored tile

Select the color for the Colored tile style, if enabled.


Choose too align content and elements to the Left, Center, or Right.

Product title text limit

Limit how many lines of text is shown. Text that is cut off is replaced with an ellipsis (...). Select No limit, 1 line, 2 lines, or 3 lines. This setting does not apply to Collection and Search pages when products are in "List" display mode.

Product images

Change the shape (aspect ratio) and fit of the product images, and enable a secondary image on hover.


Show second image on hover

Display the second product image when hovered over.

Image aspect ratio

Choose to crop all product images to be a single uniform shape. Select Portrait (2:3), Portrait (4:5), Square (1:1), Landscape (5:4), or Landscape (3:2). Select Natural to display images in their original shape (without cropping). Learn more about aspect ratios in our Image settings guide.

Media fit

Make product images Cover the full product card or Fit within the card with its original shape.

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