Release notes for Cornerstone theme versions

Cornerstone was initially released October 2023. All theme versions are built for Shopify's latest theme architecture ↗ called "Online Store 2.0" (OS2).

Version 1.2.3 — Latest release

April 8, 2024

Cornerstone v1.2.3 updates the cart, quick cart, and purchase confirmation popup to accomodate compare-at prices and fixes minor bugs.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Updated cart, quick cart, and purchase confirmation popup to accommodate compare-at price.

  • Fixed search results filters not showing when there are more than 5000 results (respects Shopify's limits now).

  • Fixed collection sorting not working when filtering is disabled.

  • Fixed "Add to cart" in quick view not directing to the cart page when quick cart, purchase confirmation popup, and quick add are not enabled.

Version 1.2.2

March 11, 2024

Cornerstone v1.2.2 fixes some minor bugs.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed whitespace showing in quick cart note field by default.

  • Fixed active product thumbnail not scrolling into view on variant selection.

  • Fixed missing theme editor translations for the "Custom Liquid" info text in the column blocks of the "Product tabs" section.

  • Fixed extra space showing on the right of the product page when the quantity selector is set not to show the current quantity in cart.

Version 1.2.1

February 5, 2024

Cornerstone v1.2.1 fixes the cart note always being populated with whitespace.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Prevent the cart note from being populated with whitespace by default.

Version 1.2.0

February 2, 2024

Cornerstone v1.2.0 adds support for Shopify's visual filters (filter swatches), the ability to specify searchable fields for quick search, and a footer block to enter custom Liquid/HTML. It also fixes some minor bugs.


  • Support for Shopify's visual filters. Nolt

  • Options to choose searchable fields for "Quick search".

  • A "Thumbnail image size" setting for the mobile menu "Promoted products" block. Depending on your chosen layout, the image display size could have changed, so you'll want to ensure that things are displaying as you want.

  • A footer block to enter custom Liquid/HTML content.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Updated the styling of the newsletter subscription confirmation page.

  • Updated images in RTE content to respect sizes selected in the admin.

  • Improved scrolling performance on the collection page.

  • Fixed the back-to-top button overlapping the sticky add-to-cart bar on the product template.

  • Fixed the product media thumbnail navigation not working.

  • Fixed the "New address" popup overlapping with header and other sections.

  • Fixed mobile menu items of the same name overlapping.

  • Fixed the quick view icon not showing on Android devices using Chrome.

  • Fixed product filters breaking when a filter contains an apostrophe.

  • Fixed inline navigation menu dropdowns being misaligned sometimes.

  • Fixed collection item image padding causing misalignments.

  • Fixed collection description truncation not collapsing correctly on iOS.

  • Fixed custom swatch images not applying to product cards when the name matches a CSS color.

  • Fixed multiple meta description tags being present.

  • Fixed slider "Next" button not showing at some screen sizes.

  • Fixed video embeds in RTE content being cut off.

Version 1.1.2

December 15, 2023

Cornerstone v1.1.2 adds a new theme preset, "Flair".


  • New theme preset, "Flair".

Version 1.1.1

December 13, 2023

Cornerstone v1.1.1 adds a new theme preset, "Botanical".


  • New theme preset, "Botanical".

Version 1.1.0

December 11, 2023

Cornerstone v1.1.0 adds sticky "Add to cart" functionality to the product page, new EU translations, as well as some new settings for more granular control over some features. Also includes some bug fixes and minor design improvements.


  • Important: A "Show text boxes" setting for the blog template's "Blog posts" section. This setting defaults to unchecked, so you'll need to check it if you would like text boxes.

  • Sticky "Add to cart" for the product template. Nolt

  • EU translation locales.

  • A setting to choose whether the header search submit button uses the primary button colors, or matches the search input.

  • Option to include a button in the "Collection list" section header.

  • Option to choose the link color in the "Quick links" section.

  • A "Mobile image spacing" setting for the "Collection list buttons" section.

  • A theme preset, "Glow".

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved performance (image loading) with the section index property.

  • Expanded pagination on mobile (more page links are visible).

  • Updated slider drag functionality to have a small buffer to make clicking easier.

  • Fixed collection page "Load more" button not having a loading state when clicked.

  • Fixed $0 compare prices showing on product page.

  • Fixed product card quick view button sometimes disappearing when hovered.

  • Fixed product card overflow swatch having a broken link.

  • Prevent the "Blog posts" section "Read more" buttons from being cut off.

  • Add missing spacing between 'Complementary products' product block rows.

  • Fixed text links using the incorrect colour when set to default colour scheme.

  • Fixed the "Image width" and "Text width" settings in the "Multi-column" section's blocks not applying.

  • Fixed media outside product media gallery pausing when product media changes.

  • Fixed filtered variant image not showing when "Show second image on hover" is enabled. This applies to both collection and search.

  • Removed use of "collection" as a variable name in instances where it could conflict with the global collection object.

  • Fixed wrong image sizes being used on mobile for the "Promotion grid" section.

  • Minor design improvements for the collection page.

  • Minor design improvements for the header.

  • Minor design improvements for the product page.

  • Minor design improvement for the product cards.

  • Minor design improvements for the 'Promotion grid' section.

  • Minor design improvements for the 'Icon with text columns' section.

  • Minor design improvements for the Article template's 'Blog posts' section.

  • Minor design improvements for the 'Collection list' section.

  • Minor design improvements for the 'Collection list buttons' section.

  • Minor design improvements for the Blog template's "Blog posts" section.

  • Minor design improvements for the 'Quick links' section.

Version 1.0.5

November 17, 2023

Cornerstone v1.0.5 updates the country selector to be based on available countries rather than currencies, and fixes some bugs.


  • Updated the country selector visibility to be based on the number of available countries, rather than the number of available currencies.

  • Minor design improvements to the "Mobile menu" blocks.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed swatch tooltips not showing when "Dynamic option availability" is disabled.

  • Fixed quick cart cross sell "Add" button not responding when first product added to cart

  • Fixed mobile product image not reflecting selected variant on load.

  • Fixed product media thumbnails not turning into slider when the media shown on page load isn't the featured media.

  • Fixed product description truncation breaking when in a collapsible row.

Version 1.0.4

November 16, 2023

Cornerstone v1.0.4 adds a new theme preset, fixes bugs, and brings some minor design improvements.


  • A new theme preset, "Artisan".


  • Updated the Twitter share URL.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed popup dismissal buttons not working.

  • Fixed page not being scrollable in the theme editor after changing a mobile menu or quick cart setting and closing the drawer.

  • Fixed Slideshow section breaking when re-ordered in the theme editor.

  • Fixed mobile menu featured collection tiles not linking.

  • Fixed product header discount badges not updating correctly on variant selection.

  • Fixed menu parents not being clickable when "Hover to open" is enabled.

Version 1.0.3

October 31, 2023

Cornerstone v1.0.3 fixes the quick cart "Checkout" button being cut off on some mobile devices, along with some other small bug fixes, and updates the Twitter icon.


  • Updated Twitter icon to X.

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed the quick cart "Checkout" button being cut off on some mobile devices.

  • Fixed collection filtering breaking quick add functionality.

  • Refactors usage of H1 tags to ensure there aren't duplicates.

Version 1.0.2

October 19, 2023

Cornerstone v1.0.2 addresses minor slideshow issues

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fix mobile images not showing properly in the Slideshow section

  • Fix Slideshow with autoplay disabled hiding slide content on slide change

Version 1.0.1

October 18, 2023

Cornerstone v1.0.1 brings minor design improvements throughout the theme, along with a couple of small fixes.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the product item floating buttons being hidden by the secondary image.

  • Fixed indicator dots unintentionally showing on grid styled sections.

  • Minor design improvements to the quick search, header, product overview, and text boxes/buttons.

  • Improved the product page sidebar recommendations' text handling.

  • Updated designs for the collection filters.

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